Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our First Visitors!

Grandma Carleen and Grandpa Ron arrived today!  It is so fantastic to have them here.  Since everyone  here is completely new to us and we are literally starting all of our relationships from ground zero, it is very comforting to have someone that we love so much and are familiar with.  Having them here also makes me long for others that I miss dearly.

During the next week, we plan on showing them our favorite things about the island and just enjoying time together as much as we can.  I'll try and post some of the activities that we do, but if you don't hear from me all week, you'll just know that we are too busy having fun!

I had a few pics to share, but they accidentally got deleted off the camera.  Oops!

Another fun thing about them arriving is that they brought two huge suitcases full items that we had requested that we can't really get here.  It surely was like an early Christmas!


  1. I'm so Happy for you all to have a wonderful reunion. I'm so excited for you all!!! I'm sure it feels so good for the kids to be able to spend time with mom. I'm sure they have missed her so much. They spent so much time with her. She was a huge part of their lives. I pray for you all to enjoy this time together. I hope they fall in love with life on the base as much as you all have. We don't expect to hear from you until they leave. I'm glad I got to talk to her when they arrived. I will write you this week. I would be lovely to talk to you guys after things settle down, and mom and Ron go home. My children would love to be able talk to your children.:) Have a splendid visit, and week. Love you guys!!! I miss you so much!! Naomi

  2. Can you please write a blog about the "items" you mention above that you can't get there? That would be very helpful and also discuss what you would have brought in your shipment (large/heavy items) in retrospect if any. Thanks!