Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Parade

Last weekend we enjoyed a Christmas Parade here.  All six of our kids rode on floats.  Victor and Celina were Joseph and Mary on one float and then the other four rode the Navy Exchange float.
Since all the kids rode floats, Vic and I told them we would collect candy for them.  I felt a little bit silly bending over and picking up treats off the ground and holding my bag open!

The best thing about it?  I didn't have to bundle up any kids with hats, gloves and jackets.  No blankets were necessary and I surely didn't have to pack any hot chocolate to warm cold hands either.  Everyone did get a thorough coating of bug spray though!

 Victor and Celina as Joseph and Mary

 The Parade was quite long!  So fun and so colorful!

The Navy Exchange Float


  1. I love the Golf Cart floats!! Naomi