Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Common Scenarios

To give a glimpse into how life works here, I thought I would share a few common scenarios that I only get to enjoy here.

1) When I shop at the NEX, I drop some kids off in the electronics section to watch a movie while I shop.
2) My kids are at the pool.  I need them to come on home.  I simply pick up the phone, dial the number and ask the lifeguard to send them home.  No need to say who I am, no need for last names or descriptions.  They know exactly who I'm talking about.
3) Someone I need to get in touch with has just landed on a plane.  I know they are headed home and will have to wait at Leeward Ferry Landing to catch the ferry to this side.  I simply call the operator, ask for the number at ferry landing, dial the number.  Then whoever answers just yells out to the crowd to summon them to the phone.

Love the simple life!