Monday, February 18, 2013

Six Months

Today marks six months of being on the island.  We are still thoroughly loving it.  I think it is a great place for families!

Yesterday, MWR threw a wonderful Mardi Gras carnival.  Every single bounce house, water slide, and inflatable toy was set up and available for the kids to play.  I think there may have been four bounce houses, two water slides, the sumo wrestling suits, bow and arrow, rock climbing wall, hamster balls, and a "king of the hill" kind of inflatable toy.  Also provided was a cake walk, face painting, tie-dyed t-shirt making, and a mask making craft station.  Cotton candy, snow cones, lemonade, and popcorn were also available - completely free of charge!  In keeping with the Mardi Gras theme, beads galore were plentiful and we were graced with a live New Orleans jazz band!  Seriously, where else could you do this?  An entire carnival, free of charge, for everyone who lives here!

Another popular activity yesterday was Surf and Turf at the Galley.  Surf and Turf happens about once a quarter.  For the regular charge of $4.60 per person, the menu consists of steak, lobster tails, shrimp, and crab legs!  Not only that, but plenty of side dishes, a salad bar, dessert and drinks are all included as well.  Yum!

Then to finish the day, our kids headed to the Lyceum to see "Escape from Planet Earth" - free, of course.  Wonderful!

Yes, six months here and were are looking forward to many more!