Monday, September 10, 2012

The Beach in Pictures

Today we managed another trip to the beach.  Although we wanted to go to Kittery Beach, we ended up at Girl Scout Beach.  We had a fantastic time!  Vic bought snorkel gear for all of us to enjoy.  Very fun!  The kids took to it like it was old hat even though none of them have done it before.

 Most of the beaches that I've been to have these long stairs to navigate the cliffs to reach the bottom.  Notice how clear the water is?  And the pictures never quite do the color justice.  It's beautiful!
 I know it's hard to see in this small picture, but notice the many small rocks on the sand.  The sand is really more like millions of small pebbles and then scattered with larger pebbles and rocks.  It actually hurts a bit to walk on it!  Our next purchase will surely be water shoes for everyone.  We have decided that we were surely spoiled by the sugar white sand of Florida's Emerald Coast.  But, while those beaches were made for relaxing, these beaches are made for exploring!
 Tori collected all of these sea snails and put them into this small hole carved out of a large rock on the beach.  Actually, I don't think it's a rock, but rather a chunk of coral.  I told her, "Oh, I see you've put all the snails in this hole."  She looked at me quite puzzled and very seriously said, "No Mom, I didn't put ALL the snails in there."  Clearly I should've known that ALL the snails on the beach would never fit into that hole.  
 Snorkeling was a hit!  It was really neat to see all the rocks and fish in the water.   It was very peaceful although I must admit, it took me a little while to relax enough to do the snorkeling correctly.  I felt a tad bit claustrophobic.  Hopefully I'll be able to steadily get more comfortable with this because I would eventually like to learn scuba diving as well.  
 Here is Vincent showing me a piece of coral that he had collected.  This went on over and over.  He would find something grand and rush it over to me for a closer inspection.  He collected rocks, shells, sea glass, snails and coral.
 Tori is hands down the best "collector" of them all!  She will spend hours searching each nook and cranny for a snail or a piece of sea glass.  And she doesn't seem to tire of it at all.  
Another picture of the gorgeous water, looking down from the top of the cliff.  Beautiful!


  1. So glad you all are getting out and making the most of your time there!

  2. I love the pictures!! Looks like you guys are having a blast! We miss you here, though!!