Friday, September 28, 2012

A Well Thought Through Plan?

Well it seem as though "a day or so" escaped me.  Here I sit, 4 days later and still haven't put up the pictures of our recent activities.  The pics are on Vic's iTouch and whenever I get some time to write, he isn't here with it.  So, I'll share briefly on another topic.  


Did I mention that 5 of our 6 children are playing soccer?  Until now, we've had a general rule that went something like: only 2 children at a time in a sport.  This was necessary for my sanity because Vic usually missed practices and only made it to a few games.  The life of a retail manager dictates working most Saturdays.  

Being in gtmo I realized that a) Vic would have off most Saturdays and b) the kids can ride their bikes to practice.  So, in my mind this meant that they could all do soccer without a) me having to be a taxi every day of the week and b) me having to navigate Saturday games by myself.  Both a and b translate to a much saner me.  Piece of cake!  I could even picture myself sipping a glass of tea and reading a book while they were all at practice...

I think I missed one important bit of information though.  Did any of you catch it?  Um, hello!  Game day!  Sure, I won't have to be by myself, but I didn't clearly think though the obvious implication that 5 kids playing = 4 games (thankfully two of them are on the same team) each and every Saturday!  Each age group has a time slot and then plays in order from youngest to oldest. This means that I will be at the soccer fields from 9am - 2pm every Saturday watching games.  Oh dear!  I'm not sure if there is enough sunscreen for my poor white skin.  Unlike my husband and children, who are naturally blessed with pigment, I tend to burn right around the 20 minutes mark.   

On the bright side, I suppose I just might learn the soccer rules really well.  

btw, Tori is extremely happy because her team color is light pink!  There were some not-so-happy boys and dads though.  Victor Jr. hasn't got his shirt yet, but I do know it is going to be lavender purple.  Oh my!  Can't wait for that reaction.  

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  1. That's so fun that you've got 5 kids playing soccer!! Please take pictures!! I bet Tori liked her pink shirt!! And I hope your skin holds up this season ;) Wish I could join you on a Saturday but I'm glad to know that your soccer knowledge is increasing. Miss you guys!!