Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Simple Pleasure

I am a water snob.  I like bottled water that is labeled purified or distilled.  The two major brands that fit that category are Dasani and Aquafina.  I don't like anything labeled drinking, spring or artesian.  And I can tell the difference.  Just ask my good friends and husband who once put me to a blind taste test.  Oh yes, I can spot an impostor!  I have been often posed the question, "What would you do if the only thing you had to drink was not your preferred water?"  Well, I do like life more than I like my brand of water, so I must say that I would always choose the water, even if it was sub-par.  Given the choice and resources though and I will take my purified or distilled water any day.

What does all this water talk have to go with gtmo?  Well, there are only two brands of bottled water sold at the (very limited) NEX and both are sadly spring and drinking.  Sigh... Yes, I can choke it down, and I do because as stated before, I do love life more than water, but it's not my preferred brand.

There is one other tidbit of info to know about me.  I dislike almost everything about McDonald's.  I say almost because over the past few years, they have come out with some acceptable items like oatmeal, smoothies, coffee drinks and salads.  But I will never choose McDonald's as my first choice when it comes to fast food.  In fact, it will always come last on my list of places to go.  But, here in gtmo, there are very few choices for fast food.  And, there is only one fast food place open for breakfast.  Turns out I needed a quick option for my kids the other day.  McDonald's would do the trick, especially since I myself wasn't going to eat.

Back to how this has to do with water.  I go inside to place my order.  While I am standing waiting for them to call my number, I notice a large bucket of iced water bottles on the counter.  I stare blankly for a moment, then I do a double-take.  There, before my very eyes, is an entire tub of iced cold DASANI water bottles!  I could almost hear the angels singing.  Rushing back up to the register, I hurriedly pulled my money out and ordered a bottle.  I think the employee was a bit caught off guard by my enthusiasm for bottled water.

Cracking one open, I sipped slowly, savoring every swallow while waiting for my order.  There, at my least favorite place to eat, I enjoyed my most favorite water.  A simple pleasure indeed.


  1. We had those buckets at our box too....

    And this cracks me up. I can't tell any water difference.

  2. Wow! That was a great ending to a great story. I'm missing you guys, and love reading the blog!!

  3. By the way the anonymous person is Na.

  4. Love you Na! You are one of the people that I'm writing this blog for you know! So glad to call you my sis-in-law!