Sunday, September 30, 2012

Driving in GTMO

My oldest daughter got her learner's permit yesterday and drove for the first time.  Very exciting stuff!  This will be a great place for her to learn to drive since everything is safe and easy.  We don't even have a traffic light here.  Only stop signs.  And like I mentioned before, the top speed limit anywhere on base is 35 mph and mostly it is 25 mph.  The poor girl though when she gets back to the states is going to have to learn how to navigate freeways, traffic lights and round abouts.  

One of my favorite parts about the whole process of getting her permit is that it is free!  In FL, I think it was around $75 because she also had to take a 4 hour drug and alcohol course.  She could've gotten her permit on her 15th birthday in FL but we chose to wait and see about the job here before she got it.  When we realized that we were coming here for sure, we put the whole process on hold so as not to have to repeat courses and costs.  Now I'm very thankful that we just waited.  Also, in FL, it was mandatory to have a learner's permit for a whole year before being allowed to get a drivers license.  But here, she will still be able to get her license on her 16th birthday!

I can't wait until she has her license!  I'm going to teach her now how to do all my grocery shopping.  =)  


  1. Who issues the drivers license down ther; will it be recognized when you go back to Fl? Love the blog! I am a fed working and have wanted to apply for posting to Cuba.

  2. Good question! I wasn't entirely sure of the answer so I asked someone who used to live here, had a child get her license while here and is now back in the states. Her daughter is having to re-do testing and licensing there but she says it depends on each state.
    As far as who issues the licenses, we went to an office that seems to be run by several of the large contractors on base. But, the license is issued by NAVSTA GTMO and basically says that the operator knows and is in compliance with driving rules for the base.

  3. We have been told that we can convert Jacob's GTMO license at one of the offices in Jacksonville Florida, we are FL residents so we will check into that soon. I will let you know!

  4. Oh that's good to know Leslee! Yes, let me know. We are also FL residents so it would be the same for us.