Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

...and buses and ferries.

That is exactly how our trip went.  Here is a quick overview of all the transportation modes that were required to make our trip possible.

  1. Drive to Ferry Landing
  2. Take the ferry across Guantanamo Bay to the Leeward side of the island (we live on Windward)
  3. Take a bus from ferry landing to the air terminal
  4. Plane from gtmo to Jacksonville NAS
  5. Another bus from Jacksonville NAS to a hotel near Jacksonville International Airport
  6. Spend the night at the hotel
  7. Hotel shuttle to the airport
  8. Plane from Jacksonville to Baltimore
  9. Plane from Baltimore to Denver
  10. Train from the terminal to the baggage claim
  11. Shuttle from baggage claim to car rental
  12. Rent a vehicle, drive 4 hours to our destination

Total travel time: approximately 36 hours

Stayed in Colorado for 11 days, drove about 1,000 miles and stayed in 6 different locations.

Then we repeated 1-12 in reverse order to make the trip home. 


  1. Goodness gracious!! I'm glad I would only have to do step 1-4 as our home is here in Jacksonville lol. Props to you for all that traveling :O

  2. I keep checking in to see what's up with my beloved Zarates . . . . hope all is well. Love ya!