Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Trip to the States

Please pardon my absence lately.  We have been dealing with some sad news that started with finding out my dad was terminally ill and then his passing only five days later.  So, I just haven't been much up for blogging lately.

Because of my dad's death, we are headed to the states for his funeral.  As sad as the reason for the trip is, we are eager to go and visit with family and friends and are really looking forward to a change of scenery!  What I'm not looking forward to though is the cold.  We are headed to Colorado and to one of the coldest spots in the entire nation.  In fact, for three days in a row last week, Alamosa, CO has been the coldest spot in the nation with low temperatures hovering around -35 degrees F!  That is about a 100 degree difference compared to our 70 degree F lows!  Last night when we arrived in Jacksonville, I believe the temp was around 55 degrees and the kids were instantly cold.  Poor little things have no idea what subzero temperatures feel like!

So far, being back in the states is a tad bit overwhelming for me.  Choosing where to go and eat was challenging when given 20 + choices.  Driving more than 25 mph is a little scary too!  And forget texting and cell phone use.  I have my cell phone activated while we are here but I don't much feel like using it.  Not yet at least.

But while it is a bit overwhelming, it is also very enjoyable!  Lightening speed internet is a welcome change as is actually having choices.  We are very thankful to be able to make this trip and will no doubt have a great time!

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