Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Last week when we arrived home, we were welcomed by clear skies, blue water and  temperatures hovering right around 90 degrees.  It felt wonderful!  Looking out the plane window, I spotted our little island and felt so peaceful.  We were home!  Even though we’ve only been here for 6 months, and even though we will only be here temporarily (perhaps 2-4 years) we’ve already adapted to calling this place home.

I felt even more at home...
...when we visited a restaurant and knew half of the diners! 
...when I was greeted by name at the store.
...when I saw a pedestrian crossing the street and the vehicles stopped.
...when I drove 25 mph and it felt fast enough.
...when I didn’t have to lock my car door.
...when I didn’t have to plug in my cell phone before bed.
...when my round-trip to the grocery store took 30 minutes.
...when I heard colors in the evening.
...when I proudly watched the flag flying high on the hill.

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