Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Zarates

I just realized that I haven't fully introduced myself and the family.  We are the Zarates - like Karate, but with a "z".  My husband, Vic and I (Joy) have six children; four girls and two boys ranging in age from 3-15 and a dog.  I'll go ahead and answer the FAQ's for you.  Yes, they are all ours, together.  None are adopted (although once you look at the picture, that is probably going to be self-explanatory).  None are twins.  No we are not crazy.  Yes we know what causes it.  Yes I am busy.  Yes our house is loud.  No I do not have the patience of Job or Mother Theresa or Michelle Duggar.  No I am not super-organized.  Yes we are blessed.

A brief background is that we moved to GTMO from the panhandle of FL where we lived for 11 years.  Previously, we lived in CO where Vic is from and he and I met.  I grew up in CA and moved to CO when I was 15.  Vic and I went to high school together and got married shortly after I graduated from high school.  After we got married, Vic started a career in retail working first for The Home Depot, then Sears and finally to the Navy Exchange which is what brought us here.

                                    from left to right: Alana 13, Tori 5, Vincent 3, Victor Jr. 10
                                              Celina 9, Jordan 15, Vic and Joy in the back

                                                                   Tyson, our boxer

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