Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Iguanas: the gtmo mascot

Iguanas are everywhere!  There are signs here that read, "don't feed the iguanas".  I am told that if you feed them, they start to become aggressive.  Apparently, there is one who lives near the A&W who is notorious for trying to steal food. Iguanas generally move very s-l-o-w.  But, sometimes, they can move extremely fast.  Faster than my sprinting dog.  Tyson saw an iguana on our front porch and took off like he was chasing a cat or a squirrel.  Thankfully the iguana got away.  I am also told that if you kill one, the fine is something like $10,000!  And it doesn't matter if it's an accident.  If you run over one, your dog kills one, etc. you will be responsible. We also have signs that showing "iguana crossing".  There have been a handful of times already that I've been behind someone who has stopped for the iguana crossing the road.   I'm not sure why the iguana is so protected here?  Vic and I were trying to think about that.  It can't be because they are endangered because they are everywhere!  We think perhaps they were at one time endangered and hence the steep fines but just haven't been taken off the list?  When I find out, I'll let you all know.


  1. The black Cuban rock iguana is a protected species. Stop by the U.S. Army Veterinary Detachment at Gitmo and they will tell you all about the program they have with the San Diego Zoo. Many Gitmo iguanas have embedded chips, and dead iguanas are shipped to the Zoo. Iguanas carry salmonella, which is a great reason to steer clear of them. In general you should never feed wild animals, it could make them sick and could be dangerous for the feeder. Hooah!

  2. Thanks for the info Montgomery! We definitely have been steering clear, just enjoying their beauty from afar. We have been carefully following all the recommendations for what to do and not to do. :)