Monday, August 27, 2012

A trip to the doctor

Today we made our first trip to the hospital.  Actually, we just went to the clinic, but it shares the same building as the hospital.  My two oldest girls have been fighting a cold for a number of weeks and it turned into a sinus infection for both of them.  I must say how thoroughly impressed I was with everyone from the receptionist desk and medical records office to the nurses and the pediatrician.  I've heard some not-so-pleasant reviews about military doctors in general, but I actually personally know several military doctors or former military-turned civilian doctors and I always thought to myself, "how could everything be as bad a people are telling me?"  I'm pleased to say that each aspect of the visit was pleasant and each person that I had to deal with was very helpful.  In all, I spent less than two hours there, but most of my time was spent filling out paperwork since we had to register first.  Anytime I have to fill out paperwork, it is for eight people so it takes some time!  I do for sure have our new address and phone number memorized though!  The best part of the whole trip?  It only took 6 minutes to get there.  I could get used to that.

*If you personally have had a bad experience with a military doctor or hospital, please know that I'm not doubting your experience at all.  I'm simply sharing our experience today.*

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