Monday, April 21, 2014

Treasure Hunting

One of my favorite activities is treasure hunting on the beach.  Sea glass and shells are plentiful and I never tire of collecting it.  I collected the items in this picture below in less than two hours this morning.  Notice the large piece of cobalt blue.  Cobalt is hard to find, even harder to find in large pieces, and harder still to find one that is nice and smooth.  Also, it's hard to see, but just above the large blue pice, there are three pieces of light pink and just above that to the right, some lavender purple.  To the left of the purple, there is a clear glass piece that looks like either a bottle stopper or maybe the remnants of a wine glass.  Not sure, but either way, I love it.  In the background, there are piles of shells.  I love to sort my treasure by color, size, or style and then fill clear jars for display.  

Besides sea glass and shells, I often find sea urchins, sea fans, sea sponges, old bullet casings, and broken pieces of pottery.

I also love when I find pieces of glass with wording on it.  It's not uncommon to find old Coca-Cola bottles with "CUBA" stamped on the bottom.  I have a cobalt blue piece that was an old Vick's Vapor rub jar, before they starting using plastic.  Notice the large chunk of dark brown in the foreground, it has "...LLA COMPANIA..." stamped on it.  Not sure what kind of a bottle that would be, but it's fascinating to me none the less.  To many, theis is just trash, but I view it as a small glimpse into history. 

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