Friday, February 14, 2014

Some Firsts

Yesterday was my 17 year anniversary of being married to my fabulous husband.  To celebrate, we spent time at the beach and also on a boat.

Two very cool things happened!

First, I found a huge piece of RED sea glass!  Red is one of the rarest, and most coveted colors to find.  I have been here for a year and a half and this is my first piece.  Funny thing is is that while I was descending the stairs to Glass Beach, I said a little prayer and asked God to help me find a piece of red for my anniversary.  God was certainly kind to me!

Second, we saw some manatees!  During our first boat ride up the Guantanamo River, four large manatees made an appearance.  I thought about trying to grab a camera, but knowing that the moment would only last a minute, I decided to simply take in the scene instead.

That brings me to the subject of the Guantanamo River.  Oh what an absolutely beautiful and serene place.  The water was calm and a most stunning shade of blue-green.  Both sides of the river have mangroves growing all the way down to the water's edge.  In fact, I couldn't see the banks of the river at all, only gorgeous, green mangroves intertwined with other trees.  We will most certainly be making more trips up the river.

***I originally started this post on Jan. 24th.  Some crazy life things happened and I didn't get a chance to post this.  I wanted to take a picture of the sea glass, but didn't get a chance.  We are currently off-island and won't be back for awhile, so this picture-less post will have to suffice for now.***


  1. Sorry to hear that you are off-island on what may not be desirable circumstances. However, thank you for posting. I'm glad that you haven't stopped. I love your accounts of life there, and how it is at the present after so many years since I lived there. Take care.

  2. Yay a new post! :) Again, it was so nice talking to you! Hoping to see this for myself sometime soon! :)