Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's like Mayberry...only better!

I had heard this place described like Mayberry (ya know, The Andy Griffith Show?) before we moved here.  I describe it like that now.  We essentially live in a small town, only better!  Why is it better?  Well, I've lived in many smalls towns myself and while they are fantastic for the sense of community, it can often be difficult if you are a newbie.  So many small towns have residents who have lived there for years and can trace their family history back several generations.  Not so in gtmo.  Aside from a few Cuban exiles and some long-time workers, everyone is relatively new here.  And therefore, everyone is accepted readily.  There is a real "we're in this together" mentality.  Everyone seems willing to help each other out whether it is answering questions to learn the ropes or by sharing a rare item.  It is quite common here to loan a vehicle to a new neighbor, offer to pick up an item while visiting the states, or share an item that may be out of stock at the commissary.  Everyone knows everyone.  It is safe to allow the kids to watch the movie in the electronics department while grocery shopping.  If my kid is at the paintball range, I can call, ask for him by name, and the worker will know who I'm asking for.  We still have an operator.  If I don't know a number, I simply dial the operator and ask for it.

We have one gas station.  One store.  One movie theater.  One post office.  One McDonald's.  One chapel.  One school.  One hospital.  No traffic.  No DMV lines.  No stoplights.  No Wal-Mart.  No crime.

Yes, it's like Mayberry...only better!

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