Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all from us in Guantanamo Bay!

We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal here at our home and had several guests join us.  Our guests  included two of Vic's Jamaican co-workers, two young service men, a woman who is a pediatrician and currently residing in Brazil as a missionary (she is here visiting a friend) and a man born in Afghanistan who works as an interpreter here and goes to church with us.  It was so wonderful to have so many different people from various backgrounds.  Many stories were shared.  One of the most enjoyable experiences for me being here has been being able to interact with so many different people from so many cultures.  There is so much to learn if one is simply willing to listen.


  1. Awe, that is great! I was wondering what y'all did for Thanksgiving and I thought you would do just what I have read. You guys are a blessing to the people around you I am sure!

  2. It was great to talk to you guys. I enjoy reading the Blog. I thought I would catch up on it today. I miss you guys! Only 2 more days and mom will be there to visit you all. Exciting times!! P.S. I can't believe you put up a tree, but I'm happy for your family that you did.:)I will write this weekend. Would you like me to write on facebook, or your email? Love you Na

  3. We are excited for her visit! It will be nice to have something familiar. Facebook or email are both ok, whatever you like. Love you!