Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Lyceum: GTMO's version of the movie theater

Here in Guantanamo Bay, we are able to go to the movies. The Lyceum is an outdoor movie theater: similar to a drive-in, but with seats.  We get new releases although sometimes it is a few weeks later than the states.  No big deal to me though since I don't even really keep up with what comes out and when.  On Friday night, we watched Franken Weenie and tonight we saw Hotel Transylvania.  

Even though we've been here nearly two months, this weekend was the first time that either Vic or I had gone to the movies.  Our kids have been a few times, but we've never ventured out.  I think the thought of an outdoor movie experience made us a bit leery at first.  Mosquitos and heat are not our two favorite things in the world!  Surprisingly, neither the heat nor the mosquitos bothered us at all this weekend!  In fact, it felt a tad (and tad might be a strong word) bit chilly when the wind blew.  On Friday, I made sure to apply my gtmo perfume, a.k.a Off, but tonight I didn't put any on at all and was just fine.

One of my favorite parts of the outdoor experience is being able to look up at the stars.  On Friday, we even watched a brilliant lightening storm in the distance.  I think I spent more of my time watching the storm than I did the movie.

But the best part is that the movie is free to all, the snacks are cheap and like everything else here, it is just plain easy.

  • No lines to purchase tickets
  • Free admission
  • $4 large popcorn
  • Plenty of seating
  • Bringing your own food and drink is perfectly acceptable (no alcohol though)
  • If the movie is no good (like Franken Weenie in my opinion), just watch the stars!
  • Leave the house 10 mins prior to showtime and get home 5 mins after the movie ends

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